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Erin Mills Health and Wellness Center offers a wide range of services and products to provide the best holistic approach to treatment. From CPAP machines to compression stockings, massage therapy and acupuncture, the professionals at Erin Mills Health and Wellness Center are ready to fulfill your needs.


When pain signals are sent from any part of the body to the brain, you will feel pain. Pain can be chronic and interfere with one’s quality of life. If this happens, it’s best to seek proper medical attention. At Erin Mills Health and Wellness Center, we provide a wide range of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. Our physiotherapy services are geared towards reducing pain in order to make the patient enjoy life again. Among the physiotherapy techniques used at Erin Mills Health and Wellness Center include: osteopathy and naturopathy, acupuncture, shockwave and massage therapy


If you have trouble sleeping, perhaps it’s time to consider CPAP therapy. This form of treatment is designed to aid in breathing at night if you suffer from respiratory difficulties. It is especially used by individuals who suffer from sleep apnea. Lack of adequate sleep can result in fatigue, depression and even put you at risk of serious conditions.

Erin Mills Health and Wellness Center has a team of CPAP experts who will help you select from a wide range of CPAP machines to find one that best suits your sleep apnea. Our store is fully stocked with the latest brands of CPAP machines in the market. We will make sure your needs are fully met by providing options with different features and prices.

Medical Supplies

Erin Mills Health and Wellness Center offers medical supplies that contribute to improving your quality of life. One of the supplies we have available is the custom made orthotic. This device is designed to properly align your foot. It does this by redirecting and reducing stress and strain in your body. The custom orthotic will fit into your shoe just like an insole.

We also have body braces which help individuals who have spine or back injuries or fractures to provide bone and muscle support. These braces can help to speed up the recovery process and alleviate pain. The body braces we have in stock come in different sizes and styles.

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Before determining which physiotherapy or rehabilitation treatment is right for you, we perform a thorough evaluation to understand your situation better. This includes physical tests and imaging tests like X-rays to get a better view of the affected area and provide the best treatment solution. All forms of rehabilitation and physiotherapy are done by licensed and highly experienced specialists. You can be rest assured that the procedure is safe and pain-free as you enjoy the road to recovery.

Whether you need a small and compact machine that you can easily carry as you travel or a CPAP mask that is easy to clean, comfortable and durable, we promise to deliver beyond your expectations.

Need to provide extra support on your legs and improve blood circulation? Consider getting compression stockings. These are among the medical supplies we have to help prevent issues like deep vein thrombosis, edema and leg cramps.