Looking for a CPAP Machine in Toronto?


CPAP, which stands for continuous positive airway pressure, is a system that is designed to help individuals with sleep apnea resolve their issue and sleep better. The machine gently blows pressurized air to the airway in order to prevent the throat from collapsing. They are designed to be easy to use with advanced features to help patients get a good night sleep. Having this form of therapy can help to boost one’s overall health, improve sleep patterns and get rid of fatigue or depression. You may need to consider any of the following supplies to help with your sleep apnea.

CPAP Machines

Before being given a CPAP machine, you may need a sleep therapist to study your condition and understand its severity then determine the best machine for you. You may need to use different machines at the sleep clinic so that one is calibrated to the air pressure settings that will be ideal for your situation. Remember that when the air pressure is not properly calibrated, you will experience discomfort and disturbance when sleeping. This screening process is very important because it helps you to determine the machine that is best for you.

CPAP Masks

At Erin Mills Health and Wellness Center, we have a wide range of CPAP masks designed in all shapes and sizes. We understand that masks are never one size fits all. The sizes usually vary to make it comfortable to wearers with differently shaped faces. The masks are categorized into three: full face masks, nasal masks and nasal pillows. It is important to choose a mask that is comfortable for you.

CPAP Pillows

CPAP pillows are also very important for people who experience breathing problems like sleep apnea. The pillow should be designed with adequate space for your sleeping mask if you will be wearing one throughout the night. The pillows are usually made to help eliminate mask pressure and ensure you have comfortable sleep positions all through the night. At Erin Mills Health and Wellness Center, we have a wide range of pillows to choose from based on your needs and budget.

CPAP Filters

Looking for high quality CPAP filters, Erin Mills Health and Wellness Center has got you covered. We have filters that are designed to ensure your machine is running longer and more efficiently. They usually fit into the back of the machine in order to ensure that air that is delivered is clean and free of any harmful particles. There are different types of filters available in the market. Remember to replace your filter frequently because it is key in maintaining your machine.

Chin Straps

One common CPAP supply that you are likely to require is a chin strap. Chin straps usually come together with the nasal pillow or mask. Their work is to ensure that the mouth is closed during CPAP therapy. You’ll need to find chin straps that are comfortable and durable in order to serve you for as long as possible. At Erin Mills Health and Wellness Center, we have just the right chin straps for your needs and budget.


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