Erin Mills Health & Wellness
4099 Erin Mills Parkway, Unit 19
Mississauga, ON, L5L 3P9


About Our Centre

If you are suffering from sudden or chronic pain, stress or a physical injury that’s hindering your quality of life, you need to seek relief that lasts. At Erin Mills Health and Wellness Center, we will make sure you get back to doing the things you love soon.

Why Us

When you choose Erin Mills Health and Wellness Center, you benefit from a team of expert and highly experienced individuals. We have massive experience in different forms of treatment and we always evaluate the patient’s needs before determining the best course of action. We focus on prevention and treatment of diseases and common conditions like arthritis, headaches and premenstrual discomfort.

We even provide nutritional counseling to patients who need to start eating healthy or supplementing the foods they take in order to boost their health and wellbeing. Our professional and friendly staff will create a treatment plan that will offer the patient lifelong health and wellness.


Our team may recommend massages as part of your treatment. In this case, we work closely with the patient to ensure they receive the best care. We offer different forms of massages from the Swedish massage to the deep tissue massage; we help patients deal with headaches, stress, arthritic pain and inflammation among other conditions. Every type of massage is done by a qualified and experienced therapist so you can always be guaranteed of a reliable and high quality service

Joint Manipulation

We perform joint manipulations, commonly referred to as spinal adjustments in order to correct misalignments in the spine that can cause pain and discomfort. The manipulation is done using hands or instruments depending on the needs of the patient. Joint manipulations are safe, effective and promote better recovery.

Hot Packs & Cold Packs

Ice therapy or heat therapy can be recommended to treat certain conditions. For instance, hot packs when used during the first few days of an injury can help to alleviate swelling. However, the hot packs should be used carefully to prevent increased pain and tissue damage. Cold packs on the other hand are best used for acute injuries at any stage. The cold temperature constricts blood flow to the tissue and this is what helps to reduce the swelling, pain and muscle spasms.

Personalized Exercise Programs

If you need to achieve your desired weight, we can develop a personalized exercise program based on your unique needs. Erin Mills Health and Wellness Center has weight loss specialists who work hand in hand with the client to help them reach their goals.


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